Our History

It all started some sixty-five years ago, when Al Muth and his dad, Albert Muth Sr., had sold a cow and purchased a motorcycle. Al worked as a cycle mechanic, performed as a cycling daredevil at fairs, traveled nation-wide on his cycle, and managed one of the most successful Harley-Davidson dealerships in the country. When Al and Jeri were married, they had only a motorcycle until their first son, Mike, was three years old! Back then, average folks couldn't afford both a car and a cycle. They rode their cycles year-round, attaching the family side-car when need be.

Al and Jeri started the Harley-Davidson franchise in 1965. The business started out in a 336 square-foot building, growing to a series of buildings. Sons Mike (1965) and Mark (1973) joined the company with mechanics Neil Knudson (1975) and Dave Holcomb (1984). Jeri had been the bookkeeper since the beginning.

The Muth business philosophy has always stood firmly to providing dedicated, personal service and excellent mechanical work. Al, the veteran biker, has been quoted with a sentiment that says it all: "I feel blessed that I can make a living by doing my favorite sport. I think more people should ride motorcycles; it makes the time go by a lot faster." The original Al Muth dealership and repair shop was located just north of Black River Falls on Hwy 12 for 35 years.

Al said he had an old-time sales philosophy: "You ride with your customers, you just have fun with them and they do the same. It becomes a camaraderie that is just a bit different than the average retail business." Anyone close to Al knew he didn't agree with the "tough-guy" image that some people associate with Harley-Davidson riders. Customers were very loyal to Al & Jeri. Al's passing in 1987 was marked by a monumental outpouring of support from his friends and customers, reflecting the impact his character had on the community.

Mark & Lisa Muth, owners of the new 12,500 square-foot location in Black River Falls, strive to carry on Al's concepts and values. The new facility employs 18 people and features the Eagle landmark carving, fireplace, museum, technical service area, huge showroom, and plenty of Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories® and MotorClothes® merchandise to meet the needs of all Harley-Davidson enthusiasts.